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Glycerin is a wonderful addition to everyday cosmetics

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Glycerin is a wonderful addition to everyday cosmetics

Release date:2020-03-29
Author:Qingdao Yinuo New Material

    How to exert glycerine effect better in everyday cosmetics

    Now let's look at the various combinations of glycerol

    Make your own moisturizer with glycerin.

1) Put 1 to 3 drops of glycerin on the palm of your hand, then spray several times on the palm, mix well, and then apply to your face.

2) Use 5-10 grams of glycerin and add water to 100 grams for a 5-10 grams moisturizer.

Use preservative-free for 15-30 days in winter and 7-15 days in summer (refrigerate after use).

3) You can make a hydrating membrane with the homemade hydrating water above. It will moisturize better than a simple hydrating membrane, but if you want to avoid water droplets, you can add some hyaluronic acid to it.

    Glycerine can increase the moisture retention of cosmetics.

    For example, add 1-2 drops to your current toner, moisturizer, moisturizer, or serum to enhance your hydration.

    If you have problems with powder flossing while applying makeup, try a few drops before applying it. Or drink a few drops of  squalane.

    Purified glycerin + white vinegar, whitening effect.

    Possible. Because white vinegar is an organic acid, when applied to the surface of the skin, below the appropriate low PH value, will accelerate the skin keratinocytes shedding, new skin exposed, will appear smooth, white.

    For thin, sensitive skin, not recommended because of irritation. Even normal skin should be stopped as soon as possible, or skin may become sensitive as it continues to thin.

    The glycerin here is just moisturizing. Glycerin can be used in conjunction with other pure products, for example

    Hyaluronic acid + glycerin

    This is equivalent to moisturizing water, hyaluronic acid and glycerin have the role of complex water, hyaluronic acid itself complex water + glycerin hygroscopic action, can maintain moisture on the skin surface for a long time, so as to achieve the moisturizing effect of the skin for a long time. The proportion of these two kinds of collocation is different, the moisture effect also can make a difference

4 drops of hyaluronic acid +1 drop of glycerin is a breath of fresh air. 1 drop of hyaluronic acid +1 drop of glycerin is very sticky. It's a longer lasting moisturizer

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