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Analysis and trend of glycerin market prospect

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Analysis and trend of glycerin market prospect

Release date:2020-03-13
Author:Qingdao Yinuo New Material

    Glycerol (or glycerol) is a colorless, sweet, transparent, viscous, high energy density liquid. Glycerol is widely available and can be produced by microbial fermentation or biodiesel production. Glycerol can be divided into natural glycerol, synthetic glycerol, biofermentation glycerol and biodiesel by-product glycerol. Glycerol can be divided into industrial grade glycerol, cosmetic grade glycerol, pharmaceutical grade glycerol according to impurity content.

    Glycerol as a by-product of industrial production, such as fatty acids and fatty acid methyl esters, has a wide range of industrial USES, including in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, coatings, tobacco, explosives, polyurethane, textiles and paper industries. Using glycerol as raw material to produce high value-added derivatives will open up broad application fields for glycerol market. In industrial microorganisms, glycerin can also be used as a carbon source to produce other valuable chemical products, such as succinic acid, propionic acid, citric acid, lactic acid, acrolein, dyes, etc. In addition, in recent years, the electrocatalytic oxidation of glycerol has attracted much attention and developed rapidly. At present, the deep processing technology of glycerol has been paid more and more attention, and has gradually become an important link in the industry chain of bio-refining, which has consolidated the sustainability of the development of biofuel market.

    The price of glycerin rose this week according to dark horse statistics. Last week, the price of glycerin began to rise as a result of its impact on the price of crude oil in Hong Kong. Glycerine price this week is mainly to digest last week's increase. The price of glycerine will remain stable and rise slightly in the short term. ; Unite as one to defeat the new crown! Waiting for the resumption of work, the recovery of the entire economic industry ushered in an explosive bloom!

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