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Pay close attention to which problems are most effective when using internal release agents

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Pay close attention to which problems are most effective when using internal release agents

Release date:2020-03-02
Author:Qingdao Yinuo New Material

Internal demoulding agent we commonly have three kinds of phosphate ester, egg phosphate, stearate, etc., the current market for internal demoulding agent for primary amine, secondary amine and organic phosphoric acid and fat ester copolymer mixture. Today, Qingdao Yinuo xin production experts remind you to pay attention to what problems in the use of demoulding agent to achieve the best effect of demoulding.

Several problems that should be paid close attention to when using mold release agent:

1. The use of acid-sensitive pigments will lead to color changes;

2. When calcium carbonate and other alkaline fillers are used, the acid stripping agent will react with it, resulting in an increase in the viscosity of the mixture, but the stripping effect will not be affected;

3. If the filler is aluminum hydroxide, acid demodulator will not only increase the viscosity of the mixture, but also in the curing process of the mixture will release water, resulting in bubbles, cracks and other problems.

Under normal circumstances, the initial dosage of internal release agent is 1% of the resin dosage, and the effective addition range is 0.75-2% of the resin weight. It should be adjusted according to the actual situation.

1, thin wall simple profile, dosage can be small, such as 0.8% or less;

2, thick wall or complex shape profiles need to be added.

3. In the high packing system, the amount of inner sealant should be increased, but too much inner sealant will delay curing.

4. In pultrusion production, if the resistance is too large and the cause cannot be found, it is necessary to increase the dosage of mold release agent. In use, the feeding order should be noted. Before adding curing agent, filler and other resin additives, the internal glue breaker should be added into the resin system and mixed evenly. This can achieve the best demoulding effect


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