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Yinuo introduces you to the performance of PEG-4000

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Yinuo introduces you to the performance of PEG-4000

Release date:2018-04-09
Author:Qingdao Yinuo New Material

       Polyethylene glycol PEG-4000 can be used in medicaments. Polyethylene glycol with lower relative molecular weight can be used as solvent, cosolvent, O/W emulsifier and stabilizer. It is used in cement suspension, emulsion, injection, etc. It is also used as the base of water-soluble ointment and suppository. The solid waxy PEG with high molecular weight is often used to increase the viscosity and solidness of low molecular weight liquid PEG, as well as to compensate for other drugs. For drugs that are not easy to dissolve in water, this product can be used as a carrier of solid dispersing agent to achieve the purpose of solid dispersing, hydrophilic polishing material, film material and capsule material, plasticizer, lubricant and dropping pill matrix, used for the preparation of tablets, pills, capsules, microcapsules, etc.


    Polyethylene glycol PEG-4000 is used as an excipient in the pharmaceutical industry and as a suppository and paste preparation. Used as finishing agent in paper industry to increase the gloss and smoothness of paper; In the rubber industry as an additive, increase the lubricity and plasticity of rubber products, reduce the power consumption in the processing process, prolong the service life of rubber products, in medicine, cosmetics industry production as a matrix, play the role of regulating viscosity, melting point; It is used as lubricant and coolant in rubber and metal processing industry, dispersant and emulsifier in pesticide and pigment industry. Used as antistatic agent, lubricant and so on in textile industry. It can be used as raw material of ester surfactant.

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