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The amazing effect of using POLYETHYLENE glycol in various industries

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The amazing effect of using POLYETHYLENE glycol in various industries

Release date:2018-02-06
Author:Qingdao Yinuo Chemical Co. LTD

Polyethylene glycol (polyethyleneglycol, PEG) is a kind of which can dissolve in water and organic matter to oil and water two hydrophilic polymer. Polyethylene glycol products are non-toxic, non-irritating, excellent solubility, compatibility, lubricity, adhesion and thermal stability. Therefore, as lubricants, dispersants, adhesives, excipients and so on, in the pharmaceutical, veterinary and cosmetic industry as ointments, suppository matrix, drop pills, tablets carrier, molding agents and injection solvents, etc., have a very wide range of applications.



     Here's a look at the specific advantages of peg:

     1. Polyethylene glycol has the function of enhancing capacity, suitable for the manufacture of all kinds of good cosmetics, polyethylene glycol stearic acid synthesis of polyethylene glycol distearate series products, widely used in the daily chemical industry.

     2, POLYETHYLENE glycol in the cosmetics industry can be used in oil-free cosmetics, shampoo and hair finishing agent, sunscreen, foot odor removal mist, skin, antiseptic ointment, beard cream, acne cream, medical skin lotion, cleansing agent, facial cleanser and soap, hand moisturizer, lipstick and so on. In cosmetic formulas, peg is added to improve the skin's ability to absorb additives.

     3. Polyethylene glycol (4000~8000) is used as a neutral component in cosmetic formulations. It has excellent water-soluble, non-volatile and non-greasy properties, and can be used to obtain products with light color. The consistency of PEG increases with the increase of the relative molecular weight. Suitable products can be prepared according to different requirements. By adding PEG into cream, bath liquid and hand cream, it can lubricate the skin without sticking to the skin.

     4. Polyethylene glycol can also be used as a non-volatile carrier of flavoring agent, a neutral fixative of essence, an evaporation blocker of nail polish remover, and a solvent for cosmetics formulation. PEG is used in toothpaste formulation to adjust consistency and extend shelf life. In addition, PEG can also be used as a consistency adjustor for shampoos, shampoos and depilatories, non-greasy lubricants and antistatic cleaners for shaving agents, bathroom cleaners and dentures, etc. Polyethylene glycol can also be used as emulsifying agent and plasticizer in soap making, so that it retains the fragrance of soap, blocks and does not crack, surface and smooth, and improves the foaming ability.

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