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What are the USES of POLYETHYLENE glycol in the medical industry?

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What are the USES of POLYETHYLENE glycol in the medical industry?

Release date:2018-02-06
Author:Qingdao Yinuo New Material

    Polyethylene Glycol it's a chemical that's used a lot in medicine. It is a substrate for the production of specific drugs and a medium in the production of some drugs. Polyethylene glycol involves a hydrocarbon molecule of different sizes and different physical properties, thus giving the compound the flexibility to be used in a large number of applications.


   Polyethylene glycol 3350 is one form of this compound and is often used to treat constipation. It is a powder that is washed with water. Once in the intestines, this compound helps the stool absorb water from the environment, making it easier for it to pass through the body. Like many laxatives, this compound is commonly used to treat occasional constipation, but is not suitable for long-term use.

  Some protein-based drugs are often mixed with PEG. This combination allows the drugs to stay in the bloodstream longer, thus increasing their potency. It also prevents frequent medication, which is good for reducing side effects. Protein-based drugs that can be mixed with polyethylene glycol include interferon classes to treat hepatitis and fegerstatin, which promotes damaged nerve repair.

   Animal studies have confirmed that PEG may play a role in cancer prevention. Studies involving rodents have found that peg helps protect against carcinogens, substances that can damage cells and cause cancer. In addition, the compound can quickly approach the tumor by penetrating surrounding blood vessels. This property can help imaging tumors in the absence of normal imaging chemicals. Polyethylene glycol also has certain USES in the pharmaceutical industry and has different applications. This compound can be added to eye drops to lubricate the eye and make eye drops more easily tolerated by the surface of the eye. In addition, some capsules and oral drugs use the compound as an inactive ingredient, giving the drug an external structure. More solid forms of PEG are used in the manufacture of tablets containing other ingredients, topical ointments and lubricants.

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